Humans vs Zombies

HvZ:Athens is going into our 10th year hosting games on the Ohio University Campus.

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Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) is a large scale game of modified tag where players attempt to survive (or spread) a zombie apocalypse.

Players only need a bandanna to start playing. Most players start as a human and must protect themselves from zombie players by avoiding being tagged. Once tagged by a zombie, that player becomes a zombie as well, their purpose then to attempt to tag as many remaining humans as possible.

The game is played 24 hours a day, for a full week, or as long as designated by the MODERATORS of the game. Players are active during all normal daily activities, and are considered in play anytime they are outside of a building or business.

One of the best parts? Everyone is welcome to play HvZ, regardless of their age or athleticism.
To join the game please read and follow our rules to learn how to start playing. Athens’ HvZ game is run entirely on the honor code, and as such players are expected to behave courteously and fairly toward their community and fellow players.


Humans vs Zombies