HvZ:Athens is run by the OUUGL, a registered student group. However, the Mod Staff is made up of current and former students, as well as many residents of the surrounding communities.


Administrator- This person is in charge of the game, and has ultimate authority at all times.

Can be identified by a Red Glowstick

  • Levi Blake


  • Anthony Rohn


  • Moderator- These are the staff members of the game. Always listen to their instructions, and look to them for rule clarifications and help.
    • Can be identified by a Blue Glowstick
  • Matt Muhn
  • Melinda Knowlton Fulk
  • Andres Tan
  • Justin Pennell
  • Zack Kolumban
  • Dj Noga
  • Andric Renard
  • Rowan Fulk

  • Zombie Moderator- This person is in charge of the Zombie Horde, and help lead it during missions and free-play when they are available.
    • Can be identified by a Blue and Green Glowstick, and will also often be carrying a Boom Staff.

      • Nathan Leamond      Nathan

There is also a large selection of Former Mods and Admins who can often be seen at and around the games. While they should always be respected, and know a lot about the game, they do not have any authority in the current game. These former Mods will not have any glowsticks.

Humans vs Zombies