Special Zombies

HvZ:Athens has several special zombies. These zombies will always be identified in special ways, and usually played by a current or former Mod staff, or those highly familiar with the game itself.

  • Zombie Mod- Runs the Horde during missions and many times during free Play. Only person allowed to call special respawns besides the Game Admin.
    • Will always be wearing a Blue and Green Glowstick around their neck.
    • Will have a Bandanna around their Head when acting as an Active Zombie.
    • Will usually be carrying a Boom Staff with them, left unlit unless Zombie Mod calls a Boom¬† or Special Respawn.


  • Boomer- Usually played by the Zombie Mod(s) Zombie Mod
    • Will always be identified by a Green Glowstick around neck and a Lit Boomstick.
    • Boomstick not lit- Inactive or simply Zombie Mod
    • Boomstick lit steady green- Active Boomer
      • When an Active Boomer is shot, they will immediately Boom
      • When an Active Boomer gets close to a group of Humans they may choose to Boom
    • Boomstick Flashing Green- BOOMING!!!
      • Boomer will crouch/kneel, plant Boomstick into ground, and scream BOOOOMMMMM.
      • Will wave Boomstick above their head in a circle, inactive zombies need to simply circle around them in THAT DIRECTION to respawn.
      • Will count down how long the Boom will last Loudly. (can be anywhere from 5-30 seconds)
      • Zombies may respawn as many times as they can circle the boomer, get back to combat, die, and circle again.


  • Tank- LOUD and slow.
  • Tank
    • Will always have a Lit Green Glowstick when active.
    • Will usually have a Harness/Vest with a Flag above their head.
    • Darts do not kill Tank, they simply stun him.
    • When stunned the tank will take the following actions:
      1. Stop where they are, and count VERY LOUDLY to 3.
      2. When they reach 3 they will resume their slow march. Even if immediately shot, Tank is permitted ONE Step and ONE Lunge.
    • The Tank will always endeavor to do 2 things:
      1. Attack anyone who shot them
      2. Attack the largest mass of Humans
    • While they may pay immediate attention to a Human who has shot them, they will always try and approach the largest group of Humans near them. Trying to draw them away from the Humans will simply anger the Tank.


  • Witch- Quiet while in wait, the Witch becomes a ferocious zombie that is temporarily Unstunnable when triggered.
  • Witch&Handler
    • Witch will always be marked by a Green Glowstick and Witch Apparel. The Witch will be crouching while in wait, silent and apparently paying no attention to the Humans. There will always be a Witch Handler nearby, which will be a Mod with a Blue Glowstick and whistle.
    • The Witch can be startled by any noise or bright light close to it. Startling the Witch is very bad. When this happens the following will happen:
      1. Handler will blow a whistle Once
      2. Witch is UNSTUNNABLE for 5 seconds and will run at whoever startled it.
      3. At the end of 5 seconds, Handler will blow a whistle Twice. At this point the which may be stunned in the normal manner.
      4. When stunned the Witch will return to its starting position and reset. At that point normal rules for startling it apply.


  • Wraith- The Wraith is unable to kill Humans, and is also unstunnable. Shooting the Wraith with darts or sock bombs will not stop it.
    • Will always be marked by a Green Glowstick and (something else)
    • Wraith will attempt to grab a Human, at which point:
      1. The Human becomes Stunned, and may not pull away from the Wraith, nor defend themselves from other Zombies. Stunned Humans may still communicate with their fellow Humans.
      2. Wraith will count to XX, at the end of which the Human is free to defend themselves or flee.
      3. Wraith will then have a cooldown period before they may respawn.


  • Hunter- The Hunter is just that. A zombie that hunts.
    • Will always be marked by a Green Glowstick and Green LED Armbands.
    • Hunter tags humans and is stunned by humans in the normal manner, but has a very special respawn timer
      • The Hunters respawn depends on whether or not he gets a nom.
      • If the Hunter is stunned before he nom a Human, he will respawn ¬†sooner after each stun. I.e.- 15 minutes, 10 Minutes, 5 Minutes, and finally 1 Minute.
      • The final respawn timer when the Hunter does not get a nom is 1 minute. After each stun the Hunter will respawn in 1 minute. During this time his arm bands will flash rapidly.
      • Whenever the Hunter gets a Nom, he is reset to the 15 minute respawn.

Humans vs Zombies