Nerf Guns, Darts and Sock Bombs

Here at HvZ:Athens we allow a wide variety of Nerf style blasters to be used. Anything used must follow these rules:

  • No “Chinese darts” that have a hard plastic tip. If you use these a Moderator may ask you to stop, and find ammo with the soft tips.
  • No “loaded” darts with anything used to weight the tip.
  • Sock Bombs may be used, but must be a single sock rolled up with minimal amount of tape to hold them together.
    • Sock bombs must be thrown by hand, and may not be launched, nor held and touched to a Zombie in order to stun them. The only exception to the Hand Thrown rule is the use of ProPipes which may be used to toss an amount of Sock Bombs all at once.
    • Nothing may be placed inside the sock.
  • Any Nerf Style blaster may be used, regardless of manufacturer.
    • We accept modded blasters, but a mod may ask you to test your blaster to ensure it is safe. Our test is for you to shoot yourself point blank. In the head.
    • Mods may ask that any blaster that fires at too high a speed not be used.
  • Blowpipes may be used as long as they are powered by a person. No mechanical system may be used to propel the dart from a blowgun.

Humans vs Zombies