Safe zones

HvZ:Athens runs on a 24/7 basis. This means the game does not have scheduled down times, meal breaks, or rest periods. We do not have to stop playing by a certain time, or start after another.

Safe Zones: As long as you have one foot inside any of these you are considered safe, and out of play. You may also not engage players outside of the safe zone while inside one yourself.

Safe zones include:

  • Inside any building
  • Inside or on any vehicle

Areas where play is not allowed:

  • In the streets. Seriously. Stay out of streets.
  • Athens City Parking garage on corner of W Washington and College Streets.
  • Inside any Business.
  • Any marked private property
  • Any construction zones
  • Gardens and places of other delicate plantings
  • Any high ledges, windows or trees where someone would be hurt to fall from

Areas where play is encouraged:

  • Anywhere outdoors on campus not otherwise prohibited
  • Inside all parking garages on Ohio University Campus
  • Anywhere outdoors in the city that is open to members of the public
  • Anywhere in Ohio you can find other players



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