Tags and Stuns

These are the guidelines for Tags, Stuns and Respawns.

Tags- A Human is considered tagged anytime an active zombie can gain a firm grasp on either arm, from wrist to shoulder.

  • Can be on EITHER arm, not just the one with the Bandanna.
  • Must be more than a mere brushing, but does not have to be a complete hold.
  • Zombies should try to run past Humans, and not directly at them to avoid injuries.
  • Does not include Nerf guns, equipment or blowpipes
    • Exception is to any equipment or weapon the person has attached onto their arms directly. Anything that is attached and covers a portion of the arm becomes a Taggable area.
  • Tagged Human should immediately lower any weapons they have, and remove their bandanna from their arm.
  • You become an Active Zombie when you have moved your Bandanna onto your Head
  • Once a Human has been Tagged they should stop using their Nerf Guns. You may carry them in a non-shooting manner until you have time to drop them off, but may not pretend to use them in order to fake out Humans.

Stuns- A Zombie is stunned if they are hit with a shot Nerf dart or thrown sock bomb ANYWHERE. Nerf darts must be shot out of a nerf gun, or blown through a blow pipe. Sock bombs must be thrown by hand.

  • A Stunned Zombie should immediately remove their Bandanna from their head.
    • If you are unable to get to your bandanna quickly, Zombies should raise their hands above their head to signify they are hit and then try and remove themselves from the play area.
  • A Stun hit includes a hit on any clothing or equipment a Zombie may have.
  • Hit does not have to be felt, just has to be reasonably believed.
  • When you Stun a zombie, you should call out your shot as it can be hard to feel sometimes. Make sure you physically witnessed your dart bounce off the zombie. Just thinking you “should have hit” is not good enough.

Respawns- Zombies respawn either at a regular times (e.g. every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hour or so depending on the specific game) or during special respawns as dictated by the Zombie Mod or Boomer.

  • Zombies should always respawn as close to respawn times as possible. If you are surrounded by Humans you may hold off until you can separate, but you can not decide to simply wait 10 minutes, and respawn later. If you are being Stalked by Active Humans then do feel free to wait until you get away from them.
  • Zombies DO NOT have to be a safe distance from Humans.
  • Zombies DO NOT have to be out of sight of Humans.
  • If a Zombie dies right before the respawn (ie 8:44) then they respawn at the regular time of 8:45, there is no minimum stun timer. (Hint: always charge a Human if you are still Active right before a respawn)
  • ONLY Zombie Mods or Game Admin may call Special Respawns. This is usually during missions, or during other special times in the game. Do not listen to respawns called by anyone not an Admin or Zombie Mod outside of special missions.


Humans vs Zombies